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Ensure that you are collecting all the core information that you need from your workforce with our custom registration form. With over 40 options of mandatory and non mandatory fields Rosterfy gives you a greater ability to filter your database to ensure the best staff are filling your best roles
This is why we are here today, we needed assistance rostering our staff and built this software specifically to save time and money spent filtering and filling our roster. Rosterfy gives you a start to finish rostering solution from the initial registration, communicating shifts, post event reporting, timesheets and thankyou certificates
Simply communicate all rosters and shifts to your workforce via automated and timed email templates and SMS functionality saving your manual man hours. Want to ensure your workforce are reminded of their upcoming shift? Set up communications to be sent out months, weeks, days and hours before the first shifts are about to start.
The user portal is the one stop shop for all your volunteers needs. Upcoming shifts, account details, notifications, news, communicaiton history, contact details, its all here at the click of a button on one beautiful, responsive screen
Tired of losing track of your event timesheets? Finding it difficult to track who actually volunteered their time at your event? We give you a unique offline solution to check in and

Let’s chat! Get in touch today to see how we can help streamline your staff management Post-it notes is not effective volunteer management!!




The training modules give you full control on what your staff are learning and tested on before their first shift. We give you completely custom fields to enter your documents, videos and images into training modules before you add your custom multi choice questions relating to the learnings. All results can be tracked by admin to ensure you have visibility on who has and who is yet to complete their required training.
Protecting yourself and your staff. Get proactive not reactive. Ensure your staff are prepared for anything when they arrive on site with content and training on your required safety procedures.
We know not every role requires the same training, hence the ability to create custom training modules and multi choice questions based on the specific shift your staff member is working.
Need to know who has and who hasn't completed training? Simply select to track training and set up auto templates emails or SMS to those with outstanding training to complete. Thus reducing your man hours spent chasing the lazy few, we all know they exist!
Give your staff and volunteers access to complete their training on any devices at any time. Simply send across your training link or have it appear in user portals to ensure it cannot be missed!


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With insight from industry professionals at the London Olympics Games and Glasgow Commonwealth Games we understand the need to have a flexible and completely customisable accreditation system. With customised lay out and branding you can get creative on your pass designs while giving you the flexibility of creating and printing accreditation passes on the fly come event day.
Rosterfy enables you to gain specific information for every role of your event. Would you like to gather more information for your events VIP’s? Now you can grab every VIP’s dietary requirements, company they work for and the team they support to ensure your area
Depending on the size of your team you can add internal accreditation managers as admin to share the workload. With Rosterfy we give your macro managers such as media, operations and sponsorship their own accreditation portals to create, manage and approve all accreditation passes.
As an accreditation manager your most important role is to ensure the right people are in the right areas. We keep this process very simple giving you, or your macro managers the ability to approve every accreditation pass before they are able to be printed
Pull a full comprehensive report on all accreditation progress or break it down to each specific area, it’s up to you! This is a great way to share with your wider team and print out for event day to ensure your security or area managers have a hard copy of names and access


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